Wednesday, February 16, 2011

JoyToKey 4.6.1

Posted on 4:16 AM by Daniel Pham

JoyToKey is a keyboard emulator for joysticks.
JoyToKey converts joystick input into keyboard input (and mouse input).

You can use JoyToKey to control an application with joysticks that doesn't support joystick input. If you wish, you can control even Word, Excel, etc. with joysticks!

Note: that joystick3 is not a real joystick, it's a virtual device.

Here are some key features of "JoyToKey":

· Configuration for maximum 16 joysticks.(6 axes, 2 POV switches and 32 buttons for each joystick)
· Multiple configuration files: You can make lots of configuration files and choose it at any time.
· Support for many useful features...
· Automatic shooting of buttons.
· Mouse emulation (including wheel rotation).
· Adjust mouse movements function.
· When it's pressed, mouse movement(or wheel rotation) becomes temporarily faster (or slower).
· Switch to the other configuration file function: You can switch to and activate the other configuration file with the button which is assigned to this function.
· Use the setting of other joystick number temporarily function. (Something like "shift" command of SNESKey.

Product by: Ryo Ohkubo 
Licenced by:  Freeware
Platform:  Windows All
Size:  569 KB



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